Afrokiki is an original but timeless African fashion brand, founded by the two young entrepreneurs Gisela (CEO/Founder) and Ebelina Belo (Co-founder) in 2020. Being of Angolan and Congolese descent themselves, from a very early age both sisters already noticed the discrepancies, lack of availability and limited promotion of African garment within the overall European clothing industry. Determined to make a change, they wondered how they could be of influence, narrowing the lack of integration between the African- and the Western fashion world. All in all, they wanted the whole world to be able to get acquainted and start appreciating the beauty of African print.

The launch of Afrokiki marked the start of fulfilling their ambition – by offering the market unique and vibrant African prints. With this, they quickly gained popularity and acclaim, making a name for themselves in the industry. Fast forward to the year 2022, and Afrokiki is about to take their dream a step further. It now creates and indulges its customers with luxurious and sophisticated African inspired clothing, fully tailored to the specific needs of the individual in question.

The industry has never witnessed a brand as revolutionary as Afrokiki – and they are only getting started. The founders kindly invite you to have a look at their website and start getting familiar, preferably support, their brand today.

In 2019 Carolijn was elected Miss Eco Aruba 2019.

Hans Lachman is an all-round photographer and is mainly engaged in fashion photography. He works together with Catwalk4U, Miss and Mister Avantgarde and Vicky-Foundation.

Judith is a fashion and a photo model. In 2015 she became the finalist in the election of Miss Avantgarde Netherlands. In 2017 she was elected as Miss Europe Continental Netherlands 2017.

Leroy was elected Mister Avantgarde 2018-2019, model and finalist at European Top Model 2019.

Mariana was elected Miss Eco Curaçao 2019.

Maritte was elected Miss Eco Netherlands 2019.

Ronald Rizzo is originally from Venezuela, but currently living in Brussels.
His passion for fashion design is clear when you see his stunning cocktail and evening dresses.

Wim van Wel studied photography at the Universities of Apeldoorn and Rotterdam. He organizes photo shoots at special locations such as castles and beautiful country houses. Especially he feels at home in the world of fashion.