About Vicky

Founder Vicky Zimmerman is known by many misses, photographers and fashion designers. In recent years she has worked with various organizations and models in the field of fashion, beauty & photography and portfolio build-up.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Aruba, Vicky came to the Netherlands at a young age to continue her studies in the field of fitness and personal training.

She was also personally very much active with fitness and won several awards, including Miss Fitness Nederland 1996. Subsequently she was intensively involved in the organization of later editions of these elections.

Besides running her own aerobics studio, she also worked at various gyms as an aerobics teacher and sports instructor.

In addition, Vicky took several courses in the field of beauty and wellness, and now she is a proud owner of a recognized Beauty & Wellness salon in Amsterdam-West, which is also classified as a learning workplace for trainees.

Due to her passion for fashion Vicky came in contact with David Cárdenas, with whom she organizes the first edition of Miss & Mister Avantgarde Netherlands.

With her own Vicky Foundation, she wants to provide the opportunity to the others who want to develop their skills and integrate into the world of fashion.